Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

10 Creative Fonts of Interest

For the typographer in us all.
Once again here's a new set of fonts, ten fonts in all styles and free to download.

In no way do I claim these as mine, but I do troll the web looking for new fonts
and dingbats for use in my work.  One can never have enough fonts in their toolbox.

A Wonderful Big bold clean font, great for poster work and headers.
Classification:    Slab Serif
Categories: Text
Keywords: heavy, bold

Bevan Download:

Capsuula is a wonderfully clean rounded font that has many creative uses
Classification:    Sans Serif
Categories: Text
Keywords: Rounded



Great Vibes:
Great Vibes is a wonderful clean script font with plenty of curves.
Classification:    Script
Categories: Calligraphic, Curly, Elegant


Italianno is an elegant calligraphic script with clean connectors and classic forms.
Perfect for warm, inviting situations.
Classification:    Script
Categories: Calligraphic, Elegant


Leander I feel has its use for poster work that requires an old type look and does it very well.
Classification:    Display
Categories: Distressed, Grunge, Historical
Keywords: historical, pirates


Classification:    Script
Categories: Retro, Calligraphic


New Athena Unicode:
New Athena Unicode is one classy serif font with a nice collection of glyphs.
Classification:    Serif
Categories: Text


Ruthie is highly stylized and elegant calligraphic script. It has ornate caps and lovely
flowing lower case forms.
Classification:    Script
Categories: Calligraphic, Elegant


Seaside Resort:
SeasideResort is such a beautiful font which undoubtedly has its uses and should be
a member of your font family.
Classification:    Retro
Categories: Retro
Keywords: 50s, 1950


Nymphette is a incredible dingbat that will have its everyday use for those who like
to incorporate flair into their work.
Classification:    Dingbat
Categories: Ornaments, Elegant, Decorative, Curly, Classical, Calligraphic, Brushed
Keywords: traditional, scrolls, flourishes



Garton is a wonderfully clean font with minimal character which makes it a must in your font family.
Classification: Serif
Categories: Elegant, Text


Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Painterly Texture Set 2012

Painterly Texture Set 2012 contains twelve large assorted and colorful textures,
all weigh in size (2592 X 1944) pixels each. The textures within have a painterly
touch to them, so they should blend very well.

As always, may they be of some use.


Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Shadowhouse Creations Watermark Pattern Kit

** Click Image For Larger View **

Shadowhouse Creations Watermark Pattern Kit:

Watermark Patterns is designed to protect your photos by generating your own
personalized watermark. It works by generating a pattern that covers your entire
photo with the ability to adjust the opacity and position to your own liking.

I find this method much better than a signature watermark which can easily be
covered or erased in photoshop due to its small size, with the pattern watermark,
not so, being it covers your entire photo.

Shadowhouse Creations Watermark Pattern Kit:
contains 10 PSD Patterns, 5 light patterns for light background Images, and 5
dark patterns for dark background images. I've included a step by step tutorial
on how to make the patterns with your own logo or signature, copyright and date,
plus turn them into photoshop "PAT" pattern files.
Also 6 photoshop ASL styles, 3 dark and 3 light to add an extra effect to the patterns.

** bonus file included **

The Patterns were created in Photoshop CS3 and should be compatible with CS3
and newer versions of photoshop, including CS6 and PS Elements.


Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Shadowhouse Creations Text Brush Set

Shadowhouse Creations Text Brush Set contains 10 large (2500 X 2500) pixel brushes.
Each brush displays a different text-font, and the set was made in Photoshop 7, so
they're compatible with Photoshop 7 and up, and should be with Elements of all versions.

Example 1 (above) using black text.

Example 2 (above) using white text.

Example of brushes in Photoshop.

Happy Mothers Day

I'd like to wish all mothers a wonderful and Happy Mothers Day, you so deserve it and more.
May you day be special and filled with family and love.

Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

I'm Still Standing!

Sorry for the long silence and absence, but due to ill health on my part and family matters that
arose, took first concern (always) has left me drained of all creativity and time.

I'm so glad to say that after some time and small vacation back home I'm next to fit and working on some ideas and goodies to post, so keep an eye out for something new within the next few days.

Before I go, I'd like to thank those who left messages showing concern about my absence, very nice
of you, THANKS!

Not to be a cliche or outdated, Peace Always.