Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

Beneath the Surface Textures 1 and 2

Beneath the Surface 1 Download

Beneath the Surface 1 texture was created mainly to achieve a stressed out and grungy effect to the background when applied over an image.  Here, I applied "Beneath the Surface1" texture on top of the thistle image, then set the layer mode to "Linear Burn" and the opacity at 75%. Don't be afraid to experiment with different layer modes and opacity levels.

Beneath the Surface 2 texture was created along the same lines as texture 1 above, just more colors and grunge.  Here, I applied "Beneath the Surface2" texture on top of a photo from last winter of some trees, then set the layer mode to "Multiply" and the opacity at 78%. Don't be afraid to experiment with different layer modes and opacity levels.

Pearltrees, Organize, Discover and Share Bookmarks Neatly

I just found out about this remarkable tool, so I jumped at the offer and thought I would pass this on to you, my friends, thinking it may be of use and a new way to organize/bookmark the things you discover very neatly.

As a blogger, I tend to collect bookmarks like crazy, always looking for new ideas and inspiration from all over the world wide web from the cozy comfort of my over stuffed desk chair.  If you're anything like me "heaven forbid" your bookmarks are clumsy and unorganized to say the least.

Help is on the way and it's called Pearltrees.

Pearltrees is the social way to organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the Web. Use Pearltrees to keep at hand the stuff you find everyday on the Web, to discover new stuff in your areas of interest and to drive people through your web.  Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

4 Aged Photo Effect Masks

Aged Photo Effect Mask 2 Download

Aged Photo Effect Mask 3 Download

Aged Photo Effect 4 Download

All 4 Aged Photo Effect Masks are 2000 px X 2000 px.
The examples shown below have the texture set as the background layer and a photo set as layer one with the "Layer Mode" set as "Overlay" at 100% opacity.

 Aged Photo Effect Mask 1 example.

Aged Photo Effect Mask 2 example.

Aged Photo Effect Mask 4 example.

Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

Grunge Strokes Brush Set

Photoshop grunge stroke brushes, 8 brushes,image pack included.
The brushes were created in PS 7 and is compatible with PS 7
and newer, also PS Elements 3 and up.

Photoshop Tip: Turn on the Alignment Options in the Move Tool

Let's face it, you create a new document,copy and paste a new image onto the canvas, and try to position it to the center, if you're a beginner, you may try to judge the center point by using your eyes.  But believe me, your eyes don't always tell the truth.
That's when the alignment options come in handy.  Simply click on the “Move”tool   ( shown below).
Then you will see the alignment options appear on the top (menu bar) that I have hi-lighted and shown below.


And let's say you want to position an object in the center of the canvas, simply Ctrl+A to select the whole canvas,then you will see some alignment options become clickable.

And then you simply click on "Align Vertical Centers" and "Align Horizontal Centers" you will see the object is now positioned in the center of the canvas.

Like any thing else, the more often you do this, the quicker it becomes second nature.

Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

Square Texture Set "3 New Ones"

Shhhhh, it Happens!

Yeah, yet another layout change, actually I'm undecided as to whether I'm a candidate for ADD,OCD or I'm a background whore. 

Thought I would try something a little different, so I thought I would use a "WORDLE" creation as my background, then I applied my "Painted Clouds" texture as a layer and lowered the opacity.

If you're interested in the "Wordle" idea, you can find it HERE. 
Note of Interest: when you make your Wordle creation, be sure to "Open in Window" and stretch it out to fit your screen and then take a screenshot, whether using the "Print Screen" or your fave screen capture tool and save.
Now you have it larger so it can fit as a background for your blog.

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Textures of the Day "the X Series"

The X series contains three textures/backgrounds which are actually the same texture but each on is altered differently.  These are highly detailed and large in MBs and size "2700 X 1800" pixels.
This set can be used as textures or backgrounds for your artwork.

Click on images to view larger for details.


Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Shadowhouse Creations " Birds Brush Set 3 "

Here's a free set of Bird Brushes, 23 in all and made using Photoshop 7, so they'll be
compatible with versions 7 and up, also PS Elements 3 and newer.

Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

2 Photoshop Tips

Photoshop Tip 1: How to Draw a Perfect Circle/Square

Here's a quick but basic Photoshop tip for beginners.Let's take a look at the toolbox and find the set of drawing tools as shown below. (To expand, left click on the rectangular tool and hold)

You can use these tools to draw rectangular or oval shapes, as shown below.

Now here's the trick, if you would like to draw a 'PERFECT" circle or a square, you must hold down the shift key while dragging your mouse.

That's it.


Photoshop Tip 2: Unlocking The Background Layer

Trust me, there will come a time that you will want to
unlock the background layer, for whatever purpose.
To do so, simply "double click" the background layer on
the layer palette, as shown below.

You will then be prompted with a new window, simply click OK.
And you will now see the lock on the background layer is gone,
that means the background layer is now unlocked.

You can now drag the background layer up and down,just like all
other unlocked layers.

That's it.

Texture of the Day "Damaged Goods"

Damaged Goods ~ Download

Example using the "Damaged Goods" texture above.

Senin, 12 Juli 2010

2 Grunge Overlays

Grunge Overlay 11 example.
To apply the overlay, just open an image, then open this overlay and make sure this is the top layer, then set your layer mode to "Overlay" or you may select another mode.
 Grunge Overlay 4 ~ example.